Hi! I am Denise Kynd

Studio dee for now is a place where all my talents are under one umbrella. Always curios in expanding my knowledge and learning new things. Being in the here and now and taking everything which sparks my interest with me on my journey. From being a collage artist which works exclusively with collected paper from daily errands to world travels - I create beautiful collages as well as produce custom pieces for my clients. You can also book a workshop with me, it is very therapeutic and a calming experience. Where time and space take you on journey to the here and now.

With a background in fashion design, men's tailoring, art direction and styling - I also pursued my BA Hons degree in graphic design - where my passion lies in creating corporate identities for clients as well as book covers and many other design related elements. I love creating concepts and I am known for my ingenuity. Being very empathetic I am able to pick up quick to understand the needs of my clients. Another attribute I take pride in, is always being solution orientated and this adds to my problem solving skills. Now is the time to combine all my skill sets and offer my services as a creative director.

In my free time I use my skills by creating designs for t-shirts and utilizing my sewing skills in creating bags from rescued leather. My curiosity is something what makes me, me. Currently I have delved into tufting wall art which is so much fun, that it was near for me to make this accessible for others in giving workshops to create their own wall art.

My mission

is to utilize all my talents and adapt them to each project which I am brought to. Since I was a child I was always busy creating and making things from scraps. Curious as to how things work and how I can make them easier and accessible. This resourcefulness has added to my creativity and being solution orientated. My Ingenuity is sparked from my curiosity, this is what gets me excited and I just want others to profit from this too. Which service do you request? Let's have a chat, I am excited to get involved!