With my extensive years of being a creative and having a background in fashion design, men's tailoring, styling, graphic design, art direction, design and being a collage artist as well as tufting artist. It is time to combine all these talents and create a space where also my clients benefit from my skill set as well as using my problem solving skills and ingenuity which I am known for.


With my sharp eye and problem solving skills as well as my experience in all fields listed above, I offer consultancy on all topics. I am known for my ingenuity and quick problem solving skills as my pattern recognition as a neurodivergent person has benefited me with this. I will always have a solution and I am glad I can share this talent with my clients.


I pursued graphic design because I love creating a visual representation which reflects a company, brand or person. In the most perfect way. As well as diving into layouts and book cover design. Artwork for musicians and many more other work because graphic design is just endless in its creativity.

I love creating concepts and storyboards. I can instantly see the potential and then the ideas just come to me with no effort at all and it brings me so much joy. I really love this.


Styling Is A Side Hobby Of Kynd Where She Gets To Use Her Tailoring/Design Skills In Making Dresses That Are Either Eight Meters Long Or Using Ductape And Paper For Dresses That Are Worn To Awards In New York. Kynd Likes To Get Creative With Concepts And Doesn't Mind Working With Paper Or Material When It Comes To Her Outfits. She Is Known To Step Outside The Box Creatively And Is Always Up For A Surprise.



This dress



paper napkins