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About Me

Passionate creative director with expertise in Graphic design, Art direction, Design, Art and Tufting.

photography Fadi Elias

Creative director

What I do...

with my extensive experience in Art direction, Graphic design (print&web), Styling and my ingenuity of problem solving I have decided its time to call myself a creative director as all these skills combined make me a strong designer which sees the bigger picture as well as the details which are needed in creating Art and visuals for my clients.

Touf Touf

My latest creative journey which sparks so much joy is tufting. create your own custom rug at one of my workshops.

Kynd collage art

working as a paper collage artist the past 14yrs has really been a a wonderful journey. I collect paper from my daily adventures and world travels and create a symmetric-asymmetric-chaos where memories and emotions receive an eternal life and adapt to your daily feelings. I currently love making custom pieces for my clients.

Tufting workshop cologne

Alles Halal is a Unisex Tshirt brand which I created to refelect my Yemeni&German background. All sizes are available.

Unisex Tshirt


QiiS is a highend baggie from rescued leather. The name and concept of the design is inspired by an Arabic kiosk bag which is called qiis.


ANND_____ was established in 2020 as a design collective where creative ideas manifest from beautiful playful concepts. Anna and I brought both our expertise together.

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